National Cinema Day 2023: Book Movie Tickets at Rs 99

National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day is a one-day event that celebrates the magic of movies and the importance of theaters. On this day, participating theaters across the country offer discounted tickets to all movies, making it the perfect opportunity to see your favorite movies on the big screen for a fraction of the price.

National Cinema Day was first launched in 2022 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a devastating impact on the theater industry. The event was a huge success, and it’s back again in 2023 with even more participating theaters and movies.

How to Participate in National Cinema Day

To participate in National Cinema Day, simply visit the website of your local theater to see if they are participating. Once you have confirmed that your theater is participating, you can book your tickets online or at the box office.

Most theaters are offering discounted tickets for all movies on National Cinema Day, regardless of format or release date. However, some theaters may have restrictions on certain movies or showtimes. Be sure to check with your local theater for more information.

Tips for Booking Your Tickets

National Cinema Day is a popular event, so it’s important to book your tickets early. Tickets typically go on sale a few weeks before the event.

If you’re planning to see a popular movie, be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible. Tickets to popular movies may sell out quickly.

If you’re flexible with your movie choice, you may be able to find better deals on tickets. For example, some theaters offer discounted tickets for matinee showings or for tickets purchased in advance.

Things to Do on National Cinema Day

In addition to seeing your favorite movies for a discounted price, there are many other things you can do on National Cinema Day. Many theaters are offering special events and promotions on this day.

For example, some theaters may be offering free popcorn or drinks with ticket purchase. Others may be hosting costume contests or trivia nights. Be sure to check with your local theater to see what special events they are offering on National Cinema Day.

To book movie tickets priced at Rs 99 on National Cinema Day 2023, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website or app of your preferred cinema network, such as BookMyShow, PayTM, or the official website of the multiplex chain.
  2. Select your city.
  3. Select the date as October 13, 2023.
  4. Select the time slot of the movie you want to watch.
  5. Select the number of tickets you want to book.
  6. Review your booking and proceed to checkout.
  7. Enter the coupon code NC23 to avail the Rs 99 ticket price.
  8. Complete the payment process.

Note: The Rs 99 ticket price is applicable to all movies, except for premium formats such as IMAX, 4DX, or recliner seats.

Here are some additional tips for booking your tickets on National Cinema Day:

  • Book your tickets early, as they tend to sell out quickly.
  • Be flexible with your movie choice and showtime. You may be able to find better deals on tickets if you’re not picky about what you see or when you see it.
  • Check with your local theater to see if they are offering any additional promotions on National Cinema Day. Some theaters may be offering free popcorn or drinks with ticket purchase or discounts on tickets purchased in advance.

We hope this helps!


National Cinema Day is a great opportunity to see your favorite movies on the big screen for a discounted price. It’s also a great way to support your local theater and the film industry.

This year, you can book movie tickets for all movies at just Rs 99. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Mark your calendars for October 13, 2023, and head to your local theater to celebrate National Cinema Day.

I have rewritten the conclusion to be more persuasive and to include a stronger call to action. I have also emphasized the fact that movie tickets are priced at just Rs 99, which is a very attractive offer.

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